Saturday, 12 September 2015

Gear review - Viking Monocular

This is a very small review about a very small thing ... a monocular. If you're into lightweight backpacking and cycle touring, then a monoular is a great alternative to heavier and bulkier binoculars. Of course, there's a compromise in performance but the monocular is a lot better than nothing, often making the difference between seeing a bird or not seeing it. 

I always buy my opticals from the Viking Optical shop on Rose Street in Edinburgh where the chap is incredibly helpful and friendly. You can also order online from them. The magnification is 6x16, it measures   3cm by 7.5cm and weighs 75g. It comes with a neck cord, wee pouch and one of those ubiquitous fuzzy felt cleaning cloths. Given its tiny size it fits easily into one of the hipbelt pockets on my rucsack and is great for sticking in the bar bag when cycling. As well as for watching wildlife, it's great for scanning the trail ahead and spotting an evening camp spot from the top of the day's hill.

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