Sunday, 10 January 2016

Gear Review - Endura Urban Flipjak Cycling Jacket

I've been on lots of hillwalks but I've never been on a catwalk. The reasons are obvious if you'd care to look at any photo of me! So the review of this reversible cycle jacket may in fact be my one and only modelling assignment.

I picked up the Endura Urban Flipjack jacket a few weeks before Christmas and I've barely been out of it since. I absolutely love it. I've found its reversible option incredibly practical. One side is a high visibility pink outer with reflective details. In the men's version it's a bright green. The other side is a casual-looking black outer. The jacket is filled with Primaloft and is really cosy. It's not often that you'll find yourself wanting to cycle in such a warm jacket so it's more suited to shorter, gentler rides where you're heading to a destination or activity that's mostly off-bike. I've used it a lot for cycling to my local birdwatching spot or visits to the folks. I cycle in the pink side and on arrival flip to the black side to either blend in with the landscape or look more casual for townie activities like going for coffee.

Each side has a zipped chest pocket and an insulated grown-in hood. The black casual side also has two zipped hand pockets. Both materials are wind and water resistant. I have found the high viz cycling side to be more so which makes sense and it shakes off a light shower. Whilst it doesn't pack down really small, it does squash up into the hood for throwing in the barbag. For women it comes in sizes XS to L and for men in sizes S to XXL. I bought the jacket for £94 at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op.

I want to thank my friend Graham for taking the photos. And now that's the modelling assignment over, it's back to the outdoors ... more lichen and moss than Kate Moss.

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