Sunday, 1 January 2017

Glen Tilt - Light on winter wood

I love the rich colours and textures that the mid-winter sun creates on the landscape, especially the leafless bare trees which I find just as beautiful at this time of year as in summer. In mid-winter I always try to make a trip to Glen Tilt to enjoy its varied woods in the light of the December sun, which may or may not make a brief appearance. Glen Tilt is too busy for me at other times of year but just before Christmas everybody else is at the shops (one wonders why) and I can have the glen and the woods to myself. I made my annual pilgrimage there a couple of weeks ago. I walked the high path out via Fenderbridge for big views over the woods and hills. Carn a'Chlamain was framed by winter birch, adding that beautiful purplish hue to the scene. I wandered up a side glen and said hello to the familiar, arched bridge up there. I asked it out loud how long we had known each other. It replied 21 years. Or it might have been me that said that. I ambled through the dense woodland on the main track, timing my walk to finish after dark so that I could be guided into Blair Atholl by the colourful lights of the village Christmas tree.

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